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spicy shichimi or yuzu salt
Assorted Pickles4.5
asazuke style vegetables with Dijon dressing
Shiitake Kinpira5.5
sweet shiitake mushroom and slightly spicy burdock root
Tako Wasabi7.5
octopus with marinated wasabi, ponzu jelly and rice crackers
White fish tartare9.5
chopped white fish with pickled cucumber, tobiko, lotus chips and japanese tartar sauce
Scallop & Asparagus14
seared scallop and steamed asparagus served with yuzu-basil miso
Razor Clam Ceviche11.5
smoked razor clam served with japanese spring ginger and whisky jelly
Tuna Tataki20
mixed pan-fried tuna with truffle butter and fresh wasabi

Green Salad8
baby spinach, green leaf and steamed veg with carrott and sesame dressing
Seaweed and Tomato salad8
mixed seaweed and heritage tomatoes with spicy sesame sauce
Tofu Salad8.5
mixed leaf, soft tofu and crispy tofu skin with coriander sauce
Tako salad12.5
pan-fried octopus, mixed leaf and garlic vinaigrette
Sashimi Salad18
mixed sashimi on a salad and avocado bed with wasabi dressing

Butterfish Carpaccio15
seared butterfish and foie gras served with cress and veg chips
Seabass carpaccio16
with yuzu lemon dressing, miyoga and coriander cress
Yellowtail carpaccio17
thin slice yellowtail with green chilli sauce and sweet potato puree
Wagyu carpaccio22
seared wagyu beef with marinated wasabi, ginger-ponzu jelly and miyoga

Hot Dishes
Miso Soup4
fermented soybeak soup served with seaweed and tofu
Fresh eel Osuimono7
clear soup with shimeji and veggies
Wagyu or prawn shumai12.5
with ginger and sesame dipping sauce
Breaded Vegan tofu bites9
with coconut and chilli relish
pan-fried marinated squid
Iberico Teriyaki20
with wild mushrooms
Wagyu slider (2 pieces)22
wagyu burger with apple yakiniku sauce

Sushi Sets
Salmon Set18
1 salmon avocado roll(8pcs) and 5 salmon nigiri
Yellowtail Set22
1 yellowtail, spring onion and garlic tuffle mayo roll (8pcs) and 5 yellowtail nigiri
Mixed Sushi20
1 california roll (8pcs), 3 salmon and 2 tuna nigiri
Tuna Set22.5
1 spicy tuna roll (8pcs) and 5 tuna nigiri
Deluxe set24
2 otoro and 3 butterfish nigiri and a negitoro maki

On Rice
Oyako Donburi19.5
seared salmon and marinated salmon roe
with kizami wasabi and pickled cucumber
Chirashi Sushi30
mixed sashimi
Prawn and Yellowtail oshizushi17
tiger prawn with yuzu tobiko and yellowtail with elderflower miso
BBQ tuna oshizushi19.9
seared tuna with bbq sauce topped with parmesan

Omakase sashimi
Omakase Sashimi 3 kind – 2 pieces20
Omakase Sashimi 6 kind – 2 pieces29
Omakase Sashimi 9 kind – 2 pieces38

Omakase sushi
6 pieces20
9 pieces29
12 pieces38

Sushi Rolls
Salmon Avocado9
salmon and avocado with yuzu mayo and sesame
Spicy salmon/yellowtail/tuna10
chopped salmon, yellowtail or tuna with green chilli, spring onion, spicy mayo and rice crackers
Yellowtail Truffle10
chopped yellowtail with homemade truffle mayonnaise
snowcrab and avocado with japanese mayo and flying fish roe
Aburi toro truffle14
pickled cucumber, spring onion, topped with chopped seared fatty tuna and truffled teriyaki sauce
Dragon roll14
veg and tamago roll topped with bbq eel
Seafood roll14
tiger prawn and cream cheese roll topped with seared salmon served with kabayaki sauce
Veggie special9
mixed vegetables and basil pesto roll topped with avocado
Sweet potato and avocado7.5
sweet potato cooked with sweet soy and avocado roll
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